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Never stop dreaming!

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Life happens, life hits us, life changes us and time passes us. Once upon a time when I was a kid, I remember playing in my backyard and our picnic table used to serve as my rocket ship that helped me venture off to alien planets. The “rocket ship” would land and my backyard was suddenly transformed into some alien planet ready for exploration. Sticks that we would find on the ground would serve as the new laser guns to be weapons of protection as this new alien ground was explored.

The imagination of a child, the wonder, the limitless refusal to be contained by boundaries is something we often lose as we grow into adults. The bills, the responsibilities, the heartbreaks and the failures all slowly drain our passion once filled with innocence and wonder and at times, reduces us to what we call the grind as we begin the acceptance of a bland reality that is nowhere near as interesting and vibrant as our days when we were kids. We allow dreams to die, hope for accomplishing feats of greatness to be exstinguished and our passions to be dimmed. As kids, we were too young to realize what was ahead of us and as adults, we’re too focused on the grind to remember just how great of an opportunity life is.

As you survey the land and your existence as you read this, if there is a dream, a hope, a desire or even a secret alien planet, that as an adult, you have allowed to be extinguished, now is the time to reignite that fire. Tap back into that imagination that used to fuel your passion and create that business, sell that product, ask your crush on a date, marry your best friend, seek that promotion, live that dream.

Imagine the “you of now” telling yourself as a kid that life had limitations and that you could only do so much; imagine the disappointment that would come over that kid. Now picture yourself, consuming your last breaths of life and reflecting upon all you wished you had set out for. Imagine yourself as a kid and the “you” of right now both sitting at your bedside as those last breaths come to a close. Which one inspires you more? Which one would you trade places with? Which one would place hope in you to accomplish all things? It’s never too late to grab your laser gun, hop into your spaceship and fly off to undiscovered alien planets where wonder and dreams await. 

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